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About Daily Prayer for Peace

About Daily Prayer for Peace

The Daily Prayer for Peace worship service is held at 1:00 p.m. central time, 365 days a year at Community of Christ Temple, Independence, Missouri. Each day a prayer is offered for a specific country based on the World Council of Churches’ ecumenical prayer cycle, which joins our prayers with that of Christians throughout the world.

Following is an explanation of each item in the order of service:

Gathering in Silence occurs prior to the beginning of the service. Worshipers are encouraged to enter the Sanctuary via the Worshiper’s Path. Generally there is no organ or other instrumental prelude. The presider and other worship leaders enter the Sanctuary just prior to the service.

The Call to Prayer is sounded on a chime or other instrument, about 30 seconds before the service begins. The conclusion of the chime is the signal for the candle lighter to proceed to the rostrum to light the candle.

The Candle Lighting signals the formal beginning of the service. The candle should be big enough to be seen throughout the room. The presider lights the candle and begins the welcome. The candle remains lit all day and is extinguished when the building is closed for the night.

An Invitation to worship from Doctrine and Covenants 163:8c is read by the presider from the rostrum. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to this Temple that "calls the entire church to become a sanctuary of Christ's peace, where people from all nations, ethnicities, and life circumstances can be gathered into a spiritual home without dividing walls...”

A Scripture Reading is shared from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, or scripture from another religion. Scriptures focus on peace, justice, reconciliation, and related themes. On occasion, the scripture may be only a single verse supplemented by a reading from a great piece of inspirational literature selected for its emphasis on peace.

The Prayer for Peace is approximately one minute long. It is generally an original submission written in advance by a church member or friend, but previously published prayers may be used on occasion.

Hymn of peace or one appropriate for the season is sung by the congregation or a soloist. The hymn is selected from Community of Christ Sings (available in pews) or another source. 

Meditation through guided Prayers of the People lasts approximately two minutes. This spiritual practice begins with intrinsic peace as each individual is called to be aware of one's own needs, fears, and anxieties, asking God for inner peace. Peace between individuals and groups is the second prayer opportunity as each is offered space to heal relationships and create deeper connections. The third prayer allows time to pray for peace for our human family throughout the world. Prayers of the People end with the opportunity to pray and meditate on peace for this planet God has provided.

Silent meditation continues following Prayers of the People as a musician provides reflective music on the organ or piano.

A statement of Sending Forth is pronounced by the presider as the last formal act of the service. 

Wallace B. Smith, church president from 1978–1996, presented instructions to the 1984 World Conference regarding building the Temple in Independence, Missouri. Included in this counsel are words that set the tone for the building: “The Temple shall be dedicated to the pursuit of peace. It shall be for reconciliation and healing of the spirit” (Doctrine and Covenants 156:5a). The Daily Prayer for Peace started December 3, 1993, on the first day of the Peace Colloquy at the Temple.

The Daily Prayer for Peace is a powerful witness of Community of Christ’s commitment to peace. Such regular, public expression symbolizes the church’s unrelenting pursuit of peace as God’s intent for a bruised and divided world.

Learn how you can take part in the Daily Prayer for Peace at the Temple or from your local setting.