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COVID-19  Ongoing Response



Covid Reopening Guidelines for USA Congregation and Campgrounds


Information about reopening campgrounds and congregations in the USA has been consolidated in one location. Visit the Covid Response in the USA page for details and links to important documents. For mission centers outside the USA, please contact your mission center leadership for reopening guidelines specific to your location. 

Worship Elements for Use When Congregations Reopen


Worship Ministries has created elements for use when the time is right to gather physically for services called Sacred Togetherness Again—A New Journey. Six weeks of proposed worship elements begin the new journey. Leaders may choose to use a few in worship planning or incorporate all the elements each week. 

Food Aid Boxes Distributed at Auditorium


More than 100 vehicles were waiting at 10:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time on Thursday, 11 June, in the parking area at the Community of Christ Auditorium, Independence, Missouri, USA, where the occupants received free boxes of food.

Volunteers from Central Mission Center in Independence gathered on the parking lot as food was prepared for distribution. As cars rolled past, volunteers offered dairy products and produce intended to aid families and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis.

By 12:30 p.m. all the food had been distributed. Community Services League, in cooperation with the Farmers to Family Food Box program through the US Department of Agriculture, made the event possible.

The Auditorium parking lot will be a weekly distribution site through August.

Oblation Funds Buy Food for Families in Africa


Community of Christ sent $11,170 in COVID-19 crisis support on 15 May to six mission centers in Africa.

The money from World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation aided 1,306 families in 155 congregations. Families received corn, flour, cooking oil, rice, tomato paste, salt, sugar, and green beans.

Mission centers included: Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kinshasa, Lualaba, Haut Katanga, and Tanganyika. Distribution will be managed by Baka Blé, financial officer for Central and West Africa Field.

Preparing to Reopen In-person Congregation Gatherings


As governments begin to reopen economies and social life, the Presidency is providing a resource to assist congregations in preparing to resume in-person gatherings when appropriate. These guidelines are not telling congregations they must reopen beginning 1 June.

Community of Christ is a global community. This means the basic guidelines will be reviewed and modified, as needed, by local leaders and field apostles to address the specific criteria established by each government.

In ALL cases, congregation leaders need to work with their mission center president and supervising apostle to develop plans to reopen congregations for in-person gatherings.

President Veazey: Sustaining the Church in Trying Times

27 May 2020

In a recorded message that underlines moments of hope, President Steve Veazey explains budget constraints and Community of Christ staff reductions ahead. He also urges wisdom and caution as congregations consider resuming in-person worship.

COVID-19 Update on Reopening Churches

22 May 2020

The First Presidency has continued to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and the recommendations from professional health organizations and local governments. While health organizations continue to express caution, local governments are beginning to relax stay-at-home orders and make provisions for businesses and churches to reopen with modified in-person gatherings. The Presidency has been prayerful in how to guide the church in this next phase.

After consulting the World Church Leadership Council, which provides a global perspective, we are offering these recommendations.

Oblation Funds Buy Food for Families in India

14 May 2020

Community of Christ sent $19,500 in COVID-19 crisis support on 8 May to the states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India.

The money from World Church Disaster Relief/Oblation will aid 84 congregations and 2,413 families. Each family will get 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) of rice, 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of dried legumes known as dal, and two bars of soap. Transportation costs also will be paid.

“This support will provide important assistance to our church members and friends in villages that have suffered economically from the COVID-19 shutdown,” said Field Bishop Mark Euritt. 

Thank You For Your Contributions!

6 May 2020

Community of Christ donors are the best.

The total contributed 5 May on Giving Tuesday NOW in the USA and Canada, including matching funds, was $100,062 (USD).

This online effort was launched globally in response to the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your participation and to those who tried a text-to-give function through 1-844-964-1444. 

We encourage you to continue to give as you are able to Worldwide Mission Tithes and Local Mission Tithes. 

Financial Support for Mission During the Pandemic

27 April 2020

Many thanks to those able to continue supporting mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. World church leaders are grateful to those using eTithing or mailing their mission tithes to congregational financial officers or International Headquarters.

Traditionally, almost 80 percent of mission tithes come through the offering plate. However, because the church is not physically gathering to worship, and because some members and friends face financial hardship during this emergency, local and worldwide mission tithes have substantially declined. While it is difficult to project or accurately report what is happening, the Presiding Bishopric monitors funds received on a weekly basis and is adjusting plans as needed.

One bright spot is increased use of eTithing: In March and April to date, 363 individuals/families have signed up for this online method of giving. Thank you to those who are trying this method of giving!

As you are able, church leaders ask you continue to contribute and even consider increasing your giving to local and worldwide mission tithes. ETithing is the easiest way. Or, send a check to your congregational financial officer or to International Headquarters, 1001 W. Walnut St., Independence, Missouri, 64050, USA.

If you are struggling financially, reach out to your congregation or mission center financial officer for Oblation aid.

Our Continued Response to COVID-19

17 April 2020

The First Presidency has continued to monitor recommendations from professional health organizations about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Many nations continue to recommend the suspension of group gatherings. Based on our review, the First Presidency is advising congregations and mission centers to continue suspending church gatherings. Read more

Church Receives Funds to Help Cover Payroll, Utilities During COVID-19 Emergency

15 April 2020

On Friday, 10 April, Community of Christ received $1.53 million USD as a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program, which is part of the CARES Act enacted by the USA government. 

The loan will be used to cover employee payroll and utilities for eight weeks. Loan amounts used for these purposes during the eight-week time frame are forgiven. Any amount not used for eligible expenses will be repaid at the end of the eight-week period. 

The PPP loan will help bridge the gap for lost income due to cancelled events at the Auditorium and historic sites, lost preservation fees and sales due to closed historic sites and limited sales from Herald House, as well as anticipated shortfalls in Worldwide Mission Tithes.  

While this funding will be a significant help in filling a short-term gap, continued support of Worldwide Mission Tithes and local tithes by those who are able is critical as the church navigates the months during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Music and Hymn Texts

15 April 2020

Several new hymn texts, including the Easter hymn featured in our Easter worship, are available here to use in your online gatherings. 

A Spiritual Check-in

23 March 2020

As congregations around the globe are not gathering in person, many are wondering about meaningful ways to stay connected to God and each other. In this week's video with President Steve Veazey, he shares how he's staying centered during this situation and invites us to examine our own response. The ideas for connection and recommended spiritual practices he mentions in the video are available in the Spiritual Check-in document. 

Church meetings suspension extended

20 March 2020

As part of the church's COVID-19 prevention program, the First Presidency has extended the recommended suspension of church gatherings around the world.

Sacraments, COVID-19, and Social Distancing

19 March 2020

From the First Presidency: During the COVID-19 pandemic priesthood members will be asked to provide various sacraments. In all instances, priesthood members should respect public health guidelines that state people should practice “social distancing” and avoid, as much as possible, personal contact through which the infection spreads. In these unusual circumstances, the Presidency offers guidance related to the sacraments.

USA Team of Apostles: None of us walks alone in these troubled times

16 March 2020

The USA Team of the Council of Twelve offers a message regarding the effect of COVID-19. Please share with those you think would benefit from these words of support.

A Prayer of Blessing

15 March 2020

President Steve Veazey shared a prayer today for our global family. Watch the video or read Sunday's Daily Bread blog. 

First Presidency Statement: Ongoing Response to COVID-19 Virus 

13 March 2020

After considering many factors, the First Presidency advises congregations and mission centers to suspend church gatherings in response to the projected spread of the COVID-19 virus. Read more

This situation is fluid. Church-related COVID-19 updates will be provided on this webpage.

COVID-19 and the Church

12 March 2020

World church leaders continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19, now officially classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. We want to ensure Community of Christ leaders worldwide are taking measures to keep people safe when the church gathers. Read more.

Worship and Formation Resources

Supporting Hybrid Worship - These guides were created by an international team of volunteers informed by their collective experience in streaming and hosting online worship and gatherings. Suitable for congregations, mission centers, and campgrounds these guides help navigate the process of envisioning and implementing a hybrid worship model that connects with ministry and mission goals. 

Sacred Togetherness Again—A New Journey - six weeks of proposed worship elements begin the journey of re-opening. 

New Hymn Text and Music for current times

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Creating a Good Experience Online

This resource from Mid-Atlantic USA Mission Center provides information on how to build a positive online experience for worship and gatherings.

Guidance on Sacraments

From the First Presidency: During the COVID-19 pandemic priesthood members will be asked to provide various sacraments. In all instances, priesthood members should respect public health guidelines that state people should practice “social distancing” and avoid, as much as possible, personal contact through which the infection spreads. In these unusual circumstances, the First Presidency offers guidance related to the sacraments.

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