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2022 Approved Budget Summary


The World Church Finance Board has approved a Budget Summary for 2022. Tables explaining the budget are available to view.

Fiscal Year 2020 Audit Summary, Report Available to View


The World Church Finance Board has approved an audit of Community of Christ for 2020. The documents are available for viewing (in English) on this website.

Bridge of Hope Update: December 2020


We have amazing news! As of 31 December, 2020, the church has raised $88 million toward its $120 million Bridge of Hope goal — an increase of $12 million since June 30. Thank you to those in all fields of the church around the world who are working so diligently to meet this important goal. The next update will be provided in September, 2021.

As a reminder, funding the retirement responsibility is the first priority for Bridge of Hope. Growing endowments is the second. 

Church Officials Postpone World Conference


After careful consideration of global pandemic recovery trends and consultations with field leaders and health professionals, the Community of Christ First Presidency has decided to delay 2022 World Conference until 2023. 

Upholding our Enduring Principles in light of the collective information we have at this given time, it was wise to delay the next World Conference until delegates from around the world can safely travel, enter the USA, meet together, and return without contributing to community spread of COVID-19 or its emerging variants.

Read the full statement and Questions and Answers. 

World Church Finance Board Approves 2019b Audit


On 24 September 2020, the World Church Finance Board met virtually to consider Calendar Year 2019b (1 July 2019–31 December 2019) Community of Christ audit prepared by independent firm RSM. The board accepted the audit and it is now available to read.

Leadership Update: Jeffery Naylor


As stated in the May 2020 Letter of Counsel, Jeffrey A. Naylor was to be released from the Presiding Bishopric by his request at the end of September. In working to balance and prioritize his “professional, personal, and family responsibilities,” Jeff has realized this action needs to occur now. Therefore, Jeff is released from the Presiding Bishopric effective 8 June, 2020. The church continues to be grateful for Jeff’s self-sustaining service during this challenging time.

   –The First Presidency

Letter of Counsel


President Stephen M. Veazey shares this letter of counsel with the church detailing changes in the World Church Leadership Council.

As announced 26 May 2020, 18 paid, full-time-equivalent positions at International Headquarters, in the field, and the World Church Leadership Council will end by 31 December 2020 to achieve the new budget levels for 2021. Notifications to field and International Headquarters employees will be completed by 9 June 2020.

Details about the changes in ministries and services caused by these reductions will be provided in the December 2020 Financial Update after the World Church Finance Board approves the 2021 Worldwide Mission Budget.

This is a difficult time for the church and especially for its employees. Please be prayerful and compassionate as we mourn the departure of friends and colleagues.

Bridge of Hope Total Reaches $65.3 Million


As we close out Fiscal Year 2019, we wanted to provide an additional update on Bridge of Hope through June 30, 2019. Including budget support and additional contributions, $65.3 million has been received. We continue to make great progress toward the goal!

Updated Guidelines for Communion, Priesthood Release for Cause


As announced at the 2019 World Conference, the First Presidency was preparing updated Guidelines for Serving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (Communion). After receiving feedback from the church and priesthood quorum and orders, the Presidency is releasing these updated guidelines.

Included are principles for providing online participation in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. During his closing message to the World Conference and church, President Steve Veazey shared these words of counsel:

Technology presents opportunities for involvement in sacraments by priesthood members and participants in separate locations. The First Presidency will act in its calling as chief interpreters of scripture, revelation, and church policies to provide procedures for offering sacraments in new situations while upholding essential meanings and symbols of the sacraments. As the church explores new opportunities for sharing sacraments, direction will come as needed through inspiration and wisdom.

Additional meaning is waiting to be discovered in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Renewing covenant with Jesus Christ includes the call to live as peaceful human beings who personify Christ’s peace.

Spiritual blessing will be experienced when this call is emphasized as a vital aspect of the sacrament. Cherish opportunities to be spiritually formed by Christ’s sacred meal of remembrance, reconciliation, renewal, and peace.

               WCR 1316 Priesthood Release for Cause was approved at the 2019 World Conference. In response, the Presidency is releasing updated administrative procedures.

Members of the Council of Twelve Apostles will develop educational opportunities to assist local leaders in the implementation of the Guidelines on Serving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and new administrative procedures for priesthood release for cause.

The documents can be found here and here.

Letter to New Zealand


The First Presidency shared the following letter with members and friends in New Zealand. 

To members of Community of Christ in New Zealand:

Since the announcement of the tragic shooting in your nation, the members of the First Presidency have held you and the people of New Zealand in our prayers. There is never adequate words to express at a time of deep loss and tragedy like all of you have experienced in the past several days. And yet, even in the midst of the pains and sorrows that grip all of us around the world, there is the consistent message of God’s love and peace that seeks to be heard in our lives and in our responses to this kind of loss.

Please know that we unite our faith in God with your faith as we pray for healing for all the families impacted, the Christchurch community and your nation. As the Easter celebration is one month away, we need to remember that God’s faithfulness will always seek to bring healing and new life out of suffering and tragedies we all face. This is the hope we hold on to for you and for the people of New Zealand. Though we are a long distance from you, we are united with you in our prayers, our hope, and our love and faith. 

May each of you encounter moments of peace and blessings from our love and from God’s presence that abides.

With prayerful thoughts,

The First Presidency

Letter of Counsel


Please read the letter of counsel from President Stephen M. Veazey regarding changes in World Church leadership.

Official Policy on Consumption of Intoxicants


Since 2013, the First Presidency has engaged World Church leadership teams in extensive discussion on scriptural, theological, historical, ethical, legal, cultural, pastoral and health issues related to drinking intoxicants. As a result of this study and review of existing policy, the World Church Leadership Council approved a revised policy on the use of intoxicants by priesthood in Community of Christ. This revised policy is “Consumption of Intoxicants by Priesthood” and is effective beginning 1 January 2018. 

Response to USA Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement


In response to the announcement of the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement, the First Presidency said: 

"An Enduring Principle of Community of Christ, based on numerous insights in scripture, is Sacredness of Creation. This fundamental principle of our faith calls us to join with God as stewards of care and hope for all of creation. In Doctrine and Covenants 165:1d we are called to “Pursue Peace on and for the Earth.” Today and in the future, Community of Christ will be faithful to our calling to protect and heal our environment as a mission priority."

Commentary on Principles From the First Presidency


The First Presidency has released commentary regarding priesthood morality in response to a referral from the 2016 World Conference.
The commentary is based in the Enduring Principles, which help define the character and identity of our church. They arise from our response to the foundation of our faith—God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit—and our sacred story as a people. The presidency encourages the church to become familiar with these principles and explanations in anticipation of coming responses to particular issues.

Priesthood Status Categories Update Arrives


Priesthood Status Categories is the second recent document supplied by church officials. It describes the Community of Christ ministry structure, which encourages faithfulness and is responsive to changing personal circumstances. Similar information can be found in the July/August Herald.

Statement on Recent Immigration Order


The First Presidency released a statement on the recent immigration executive order.

Words of Counsel


See the final version of the words of counsel to be considered for inclusion in the Doctrine and Covenants during the 2016 World Conference.

Statement on Syrian Refugee Crisis


The First Presidency released a statement on the Syrian refugee crisis

World Conference Resolution (WCR) 1304 Baptismal Prayers


The First Presidency released information in response to World Conference Resolution 1304 Baptismal Prayers.