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Take Part in the Daily Prayer for Peace

Take Part in the Daily Prayer for Peace

At the Temple

Do you want to take part in the Daily Prayer for Peace at the Temple? Maybe you are in Independence for a day, or maybe you live nearby and can come once a week or once a month.

You are welcome to attend to sing and pray for peace from the pews. However, the Daily Prayer for Peace also needs three volunteers every day:

  • Coordinator: The coordinator prepares the sanctuary, answers questions for first time volunteers, prays with the volunteers before the public Prayer for Peace, and rings the chime to start the worship service. The coordinator fills in or finds a replacement if other participants do not arrive on time. Reliability is the most important asset for a coordinator.
  • Leader: The leader lights the Peace Candle, and reads the Prayer for Peace. The leader can be one person, or assisted by up to four people. Reading clearly is the most important asset for a leader.
  • Musician: The musician leads a congregational hymn, and plays a meditative postlude. The musician can be one person, an ensemble, or a choir. Leading song and creating beauty are the most important assets for a musician.

If you are interested in helping, contact David Bolton (see Connect widget for contact info). 

For a list of open dates, see the volunteer calendar

In Your Local Worship

The Daily Prayer for Peace script is posted on the Calendar one to two months in advance. Feel free to print and adapt the script for your local setting.

To understand the features of the service see About Daily Prayer for Peace. Many congregations incorporate the Prayer for Peace in their weekly worship.